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Estate Administration

Renfrew County Real Estate Lawyers

When a loved one passes away, the Will must be located immediately. The Will often provides specific instructions about such immediate concerns as organ and tissue donation, funeral and burial instructions and guardianship of minor children.

Estate Trustees are responsible for the administration of an estate and often find it prudent to retain an estate solicitor for advice. The Estate Trustee is generally responsible for:

  • Making funeral and burial arrangements;
  • Identifying and securing estate assets;
  • Payment of the deceased’s debts;
  • Filing final tax returns; and
  • Distribution of assets in accordance with the instructions contained in the Will, or in accordance with the Succession Law Reform Act, if there is no Will.

We can provide administrative support and legal services which may be required by the Estate Trustee to complete the administration of the Estate, including the preparation and filing of documentation with the Court in order to obtain a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee.

“Probate” is the review, validation and registration by the court of the Will of a deceased person, and the payment into court of an estate administration fee (tax). In many cases, probating a Will is not required. It depends mostly upon the assets of the estate. A properly drafted Will can sometimes substantially reduce the amount of probate fees that may be payable.

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